Our mission

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to create a supportive community for traders to learn and grow. Empowering traders with the tools and strategies they need to succeed in day trading commodities futures. We are committed to providing a supportive community for traders to thrive and achieve their financial goals.

About Tradular

Tradular is an exclusive community of day traders focused on improving trading skills. We believe in collaboration and support for all members to achieve success in the financial markets. We seriously care about building something whole and complete, not just a minimum viable product.
My story

My name is Luis Armando, an independent trader, and the founder of Tradular. With a decade-long experience in trading commodities futures, you won't see me post pictures of Lamborghini, Ferrari, or hot chicks because it won't help you become a better trader. I began my trading journey with options trading before venturing into futures. Throughout the years I have traded futures contracts from corn, cotton, and soybeans to gold, crude oil, and currencies. Ultimately settling and specializing with indexes, trading mostly contracts for SP&500 and Nasdaq futures.

With a background in engineering and always passionate about anything trading related, I quickly realized that the world of day trading was a hot mess where 90% of traders were losing their trading accounts within 3 months or less (not a joke!). The quest for improvement is endless so, to simplify day trading for others, I am embarking on a mission to revolutionize the trading world, one trader at a time.

I was initially just one man with a laptop and a desire to make people understand the life-changing potential of day trading as a profession. Gradually, what was meant to be a side project grew into a viable business.

At first, my main focus was trading my personal account using my own money, but eventually, I began trading with prop firms' money and honed my skills in scaling my trading business. Currently, I am dedicated to collaborating with highly regarded prop firms and cultivating a network of individuals who share similar interests.

Why choose us?

We believe that your success is our success and that we can help you achieve the best results trading the financial market. Join our community to access proven trading strategies that can elevate your success in trading. Our simplified approach ensures a streamlined and easy trading experience for all traders.

Traders helping traders

We believe in collaboration and support for all members to achieve success trading the futures markets.

Quality for value

Our motto is to provide only the highest quality to our members, no matter the circumstances.

We work together

Our goal is to help you become an independent trader by utilizing our simplified trading approach to become a profitable, funded trader.

High standards

We take trading seriously, meaning that we only promote work that we can be proud of.

Our Vision

Create a world class environment where traders of all levels can access and implement effective trading strategies with ease. We strive to be the guiding light for traders looking to take their trading to the next level.